SJC Enterprise Zone Program has Ended... Now What?

In July of last year, the passage of Assembly Bill 93 (AB93) eliminated the California Enterprise Zone program in favor of a new statewide program; GEDI (Governors Economic Development Initiative). Effective Jan. 1, 2014, the Enterprise Program will end and GEDI will begin. Here is what this means for your business with regards to the Hiring Credit:

1) If you have already hired an employee and obtained a voucher certificate, you may continue to accrue tax credits for that employee, even if they continue to work for you after the end of this year. The tax credits will continue to carry forward for 10 years after December 31st, 2013 or for 10 years after the date the credit is earned, , whichever is longer.

2) If you have hired an employee and have not yet obtained a Enterprise Zone Hiring Credit Voucher certificate, you have until December 31st, 2014 to obtain one. The tax credits will still accrue for the full five years of eligibility for each employee and they will also continue to carry forward for up to 10 years from date the credit is earned.

3) Any employees hired on or before December 31st, 2013 are still able to qualify, and you can continue to claim the credit for as long as they remain with you, up to the full five years.

4) In order to guarantee that your voucher applications are processed by December 31st, 2014, they must be received in our office by December 1st, 2014. Voucher applications received after this date may not be processed in time. Call our office first before sending in voucher applications after this date.

If you need any assistance with the vouchering process or have any question about the Enterprise Zone Program at all, please contact the San Joaquin County Enterprise Zone office.

Enterprise Zone Incentives

State Tax Incentives:

A business located in the San Joaquin County Enterprise Zone can take advantage of tremendous tax credit programs offered by the State of California

SJC Targeted Employment Area (TEA)

Click Here to Download the NEW SJC TEA (Effective January 1, 2013) »

The State has approved the NEW San Joaquin County Targeted Employment Area (TEA) which is effective as of January 1, 2013.

Click Here to Download the previous SJC TEA (Effective June 22, 08 - July 8, 13) »

The previous SJC TEA (Effective June 22, 2008) expired on July 8, 2013.

Hiring Credit Vouchers

To apply for a Hiring Credit Voucher, submit completed voucher application, required eligibility documentation, and a check for the voucher fees payable to:

SJC Economic Development Association

56 S. Lincoln Street
Stockton, CA 95203
Attn: Enterprise Zone


EZ Voucher Application Fee - $80 per voucher
(Effective December 1st, 2010 the Voucher Application Fee has increased to $80.00 as a result of a $5.00 increase imposed by the State.)

Expedite Fee Additional $50 per voucher
Returned Check Fee - $25
Click Here » to download the Voucher Application and related forms.

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Enterprise Zone Information

Old Stockton EZ Street Ranges »
(Effective Date: 6/22/93 - 6/21/08)

Old Stockton EZ - Targeted Employment Area (TEA) »
(Effective Date: 1/01/98 - 6/21/08)

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